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Core Investment Beliefs

Growing Wealth

We manage for after-fee, after-tax cumulative returns over the long-term.

Equity Ownership

We emphasize long-term ownership of shares in businesses.

Long Term

A long-term perspective provides confidence to act decisively amidst volatility and serves to maintain focus on the power of compounding returns.

Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation should be driven by long-term objectives, near term liquidity needs and staying the course in difficult markets.


Price is different than value and value is the single best determinant of long term returns.


Multiple independent drivers of success is the key, which reduces risk and increases long-term return certainty.

Tax & Fee Efficiency

Taxes and fees erode investment returns and both should be minimized.

Active Management

"Alpha" opportunities are attainable and worth pursuing, but are difficult to achieve.

Passive Management

Well-structured passive strategies can provide high performing exposure to efficient asset classes.

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