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Our firm manages investment portfolios utilizing the following three distinct investment strategies:  Equity, Active Indexing, and Inflation Hedge.

Equity Strategy

The Equity strategy seeks to identify companies across the growth and value spectrum to build a portfolio of large and mid-cap stocks.   Our Equity strategy is available through our firm’s limited partnership, the Equilibrium Stock Fund, L.P., or as a separately managed account.

Active Indexing Strategy

The Active Indexing strategy is a cost-efficient asset allocation strategy that is designed to provide for the active management of passive investments.  The implementation process is focused on low-cost, tax-efficient index securities. 

Inflation Hedge Strategy

The Inflation Hedge strategy consists of a concentrated portfolio of publicly traded securities with significant ownership in real estate, timberland, oil and gas reserves, and other “hard assets”. 

Our firm works with clients in order to develop investment guidelines, create an asset allocation, and implement an investment strategy to achieve their specific long-term risk and return objectives.  Client assets can be structured across a range of strategies from traditional actively managed equity or fixed income portfolios to cost-effective passive investment strategies.  The firm’s strategies are all available as separately managed portfolios.

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