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The objective of the Inflation Hedge strategy is to provide long-term returns in excess of the CPI, with strong relative performance during rising inflation environments.  The investment process seeks to identify a limited number of asset rich companies that are priced at a significant discount to their net asset value.  The strategy is implemented through a concentrated portfolio of about 20 stocks and invests in companies across all market capitalizations and multiple geographic regions.  The companies are typically characterized by a combination of undervalued and/or unique assets, as well as significant insider ownership.  Multi-year holding periods and low turnover, result in a very tax efficient strategy.

Key attributes:

  • Eleven year performance history has produced strong returns versus a variety of benchmarks
  • Tax efficient returns are characterized by long holding periods
  • Diversification across multiple industries and geographic regions reduces risk
  • Liquidity of publicly traded stocks and transparency of a separately managed portfolio
  • Low correlation with S&P 500 Index provides significant diversification
  • A compelling addition to a traditional stock and bond asset allocation